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By Clara Laeng


Music, the heartbeat of Louisiana

When you think about Louisiana, some of the first words that spring to mind are ‘jazz’, ‘blues’, ‘spirituals’, ‘gospel’, etc., these are all a part of what Louisiana is known for: its musical diversity.

On a website created by the Louisiana Division of Arts  Folklife IN Louisiana: Louisiana Living Traditions , I learned a lot about the state’s music history.

Music is everywhere; you can listen to music in bars, clubs, dance halls, and many informal places called juke joints. There is frequently the opportunity to see bands perform live on the streets, whether it’s for festivals, Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) Parade, or gatherings known as ‘boucheries‘ (community gathering in South Louisiana at which a hog is butchered and the meat is divided among all who share in the labor).

Here are some interesting facts I thought you should know about music in Louisiana:




By Clara Laeng